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Yes! I support the National Movement for America's Children, which calls on our country to develop and implement a national strategy to help ensure that every child has an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development.

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Awaken the Movement: The time is now.

Our most basic obligation is to support the healthy development of our nation's children. To be stewards of the next generation and, in doing so, be stewards of our entire future. Yet too often, promises go unfulfilled and our children suffer - which means our communities, economy and security suffer too.

Now is the time for our nation to awaken to how we can provide every child with an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development.

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The Movement is a fast-growing grassroots initiative of organizations and people from coast to coast, who are collaborating to develop a comprehensive national strategy to ensure that all of our children are given an opportunity to develop - socially, emotionally and cognitively - in healthy, nurturing homes, schools, neighborhoods and communities.

This website is a collaborative space for you to connect with others in the Movement, share your thoughts and ideas for a national strategy and bring the Movement to your community.

The strategy we are developing will be shaped by the countless answers to what we call The Big Question:

How can we ensure that every child has an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development?

The Movement is collecting input from all corners of the country to develop this holistic national strategy, which will include policies and actions for government, businesses, communities, faith institutions and individuals - all of whom have a role to play in supporting healthy development for all children.

It's easy:

  1. Sign the Pledge calling for a national strategy for America's children!

  2. Shape the Strategy that will be promoted and implemented nationwide, with your answers to The Big Question!

  3. Stand for Our Children by bringing the Movement to your community and on-line network!

In November, following months of nationwide public input, we will take a final proposed strategy for America's children to Washington to kick it off and begin to promote its implementation across the country.

So, if you support America's children and the need to make them a true national priority, then join the Movement.

The time is now.

Sign the Pledge - Shape the Strategy - Stand for Our Children

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