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Yes! I support the National Movement for America's Children, which calls on our country to develop and implement a national strategy to help ensure that every child has an equal opportunity for healthy growth and development.

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Once the National Strategy has been developed, the Movement will be reaching out to supporters and partners to advocate for specific policies with government at all levels. In the meantime, you can advocate for a number of local policies that help create a child-friendly community and you can help advocate for - and grow - the Movement by promoting it via social media and your website.

Advocate for "Pinwheel" Status for Your Community

One approach you can take is to organize your friends, family and neighbors to advocate for your local government to seek "Pinwheel City" designation from The National Movement for America's Children and Prevent Child Abuse America by fulfilling the four key Pinwheel City standards and applying for designation as a Pinwheel City:

1) The community government designates a local official or department within the local government with specific responsibilities to develop and implement a child abuse and neglect prevention plan. Elements of this plan should include:

  • Child abuse and neglect prevention identified as a specific line item within the city/town's or appropriate department's annual budget
  • Formal city definition of prevention as preventing abuse and neglect from occurring in the first place
  • Clearly delineated and measurable goals and objectives for preventing child abuse and neglect
  • An evaluation component to measure progress against these goals and objectives
  • Formation and engagement of a multi-disciplinary local committee that assists with the development and implementation of the plan
  • Designation of a governance structure that provides legitimacy and credibility to the process and monitors progress against the plan
  • Demonstrated active support from the city/town's top governing official and other officials
  • Creation of an inventory of, and evidence that there is adequate access to, a variety of child abuse and neglect prevention services and programs for families (such as parent support and education, shaken baby prevention and respite services)
  • Identification of, and plan to address, risk and protective factors
  • Engagement of community partners, including (though not limited to) schools, universities, social service agencies and other non-profits, the faith community, community service clubs and local businesses
  • Evaluation component to measure the effectiveness of the stated goals and objectives
  • Legal authority exists for these actions

2) The community demonstrates evidence that it is involved with the National Movement for America's Children in partnership with Prevent Child Abuse America, including (though not limited to) the following activities:

  • Use of national messaging standards in combination with all Movement activities
  • Visible civic commitment, as evidenced through the public display of Movement signage or related materials
  • Active involvement of local leaders, including elected officials, teachers, athletes/coaches, media personalities, actors/actresses, leaders in the faith community and businesspeople
  • Implementation of public activities, such as fundraisers, rallies, health fairs, conferences, symposia or media events
  • Coverage and/or promotion of child abuse prevention and/or healthy child development by local media via public service announcements, advertising, media coverage (print, radio, television or social media), or other means

3) The community government issues a proclamation supporting the National Movement for America's Children.

4) The community government issues a proclamation recognizing April as Child Abuse Prevention Month.

For more information about the Pinwheel City designation, send us an email.